CompuLink has a vast array of test equipment available to inspect the quality and workmanship of our finished product prior to shipment. We have Cirris Signature® level testers and hi-pot equipment available for cable and harness assemblies. We are fully tooled with interferometers and 400x microscopes in our fiber optic facility to check end face geometry, and insertion and return loss. We can offer complete measurement solutions for your RF and coaxial cable assemblies ranging from 40MHz to 40GHz with our Anritsu Vector Network Analyzer. All product is 100% electrically or optically tested prior to shipment.

Rigid Calibration Program Ensures Quality of Automated Machinery and Hand Tools

CompuLink has instituted a rigid calibration program for all assembly equipment to include automated stripping and crimping machinery, insert molding equipment and hand tools. Crimp samples are reviewed during set up as well as in process to verify the quality of the finished product.

Visual analysis of crimps, welds and splices to internationally recognized standards with Schleuniger® MicroGraph System (MGS) Hexagon - Brown & Sharpe model 4.5.4 SF

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Ensures Dimensional Accuracy Of Machined Parts, Molds and Fixtures

CompuLink utilizes a Hexagon – Brown & Sharpe model 4.5.4 SF coordinate measuring machine to accurately measure the physical geometrical characteristic of incoming machined parts such as molds, end bells, and wire guides. This ensures that the incoming part is dimensionally accurate when measured against the original intended design of the part.

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