All Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies, Pre-Terminated Fiber, and MTP Cable Assemblies are 100% Optically Tested

Pre-terminated fiber optic cabling is 100% optically tested Pre-terminated fiber optic cabling is 100% optically tested

All fiber optic cable assemblies, pre-terminated fiber and MTP harness and trunk assemblies are 100% optically tested for insertion loss, and visually inspected with a 400x microscope to ensure performance above and beyond industry standards. CompuLink strictly adheres to our ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing processes and procedures for fiber optic cable assembly.

Insertion Loss Test Sets and Cables Comply With IEC 61280-4-1

CompuLink utilizes an OptoTest® launch condition analyzer with LCAD precision adapters to qualify it's insertion loss test sets and reference cables to IEC 61280-4-1. This ensures our customers of standardized, repeatable test results and accuracy.

Interferometer Testing Validates Proper End Face Geometry

When you need to ensure the quality of your end face geometry for your single-mode applications turn to CompuLink cable assemblies. Many factors can affect the overall transmission performance of ultra polish connectors and cable assemblies including proper cleaning techniques, epoxy type, contaminants and proper testing techniques.

The workmanship of the technicians and control of the polishing processes are undoubtedly the most critical factors in ensuring the proper transmission characteristics of your single-mode ultra polish connectors and cable assemblies.

A qualified single-mode assembly house should be equipped to test your fibers with an interferometer for proper end-face geometry (apex offset, back reflection, fiber under cut/protrusion, radius of curvature and insertion loss. At CompuLink the end face geometry of all single mode fiber optic cable assemblies is verified through interferometer testing.

Fiber Optic Test Capability

  • 400X Visual Inspection
  • Insertion Loss Testing
  • Return Loss Testing
  • Interferometer Testing For Proper End Face Geometry

IEC 61280-4-1 Compliance

Quick turn manufacturer of pre-terminated fiber, multifiber, MTP and fiber optic cable assemblies Quick turn manufacturer of fiber optic cable assemblies

Using OptoTest's Model #OP1021 launch condition analyzer with LCAD precision adaptors, CompuLink qualifies its insertion loss test sets and reference cables to IEC 61280-4-1 thus providing our customers with repeatable test results and increase accuracy.

Automated Fiber Test Equipment

  • 1 OptoTest #OP1021 Launch Condition Analyzer
  • 1 MTRJ, MTP Interferometer (Norland)
  • 2 FC, SC, ST, LC Interferometer (DORC®)
  • 2 Single Mode Testers (Noyes®)
    • Insertion Loss Only
  • 4 Single Mode Testers (Rifocs)
    • Simultaneous Insertions and Return
  • 8 Multimode Testers (Misc. Types)
    • Insertion Loss Only
  • 1 Multimode Tester (Rifocs)
    • Simultaneous Insertion + Return Loss
  • 1 Multimode 12 Channel Tester (Optotest)
    • Insertion Loss Only
  • 25 400X Video Scopes (Westover)
  • 1 Single mode 12 Channel Tester (Optotest)

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