Green Initiatives and Sustainablility Effort

Compulink embraces green initiatives as responsible business practices. We reuse, recycle, and conserve resources in policy and practice throughout our manufacturing processes. Our facility has changed to incorporate more energy efficient equipment and ecologically sound consumables.

IT Energy Conservation Initiatives

Carbon Emission Reduction

  • We use EPA Energy Star qualified products in IT office and warehouse facilities to conserve power and improve operational efficiencies. Products are set to power down or go into sleep mode when not in use for extended periods.
  • Server and network infrastructure within IT offices, warehouses and manufacturing facilities are EPA Energy Star qualified equipment.
  • Replaced CRT monitors in IT office, warehousing and manufacturing facilities, with flat panel displays, reducing energy consumption from CRT levels by 75%.
  • Audio and Web Conferencing reduce air and road travel for ourselves and our business partners.
  • VPN connections reduce travel to office when work can be done remotely.
  • Desktop & Server support employs remote control utilities to fix user issues, thereby reducing trips between campus buildings.

Landfill Avoidance

  • We re-purpose EPA Energy Star qualified computers from our offices and other outside sources to extend their lifecycle and reduce landfill disposal from ourselves and our community.
  • When Compulink retires inefficient and obsolete equipment it does so through certified disposal organizations.
  • We use online presentations for business meetings, reducing printed materials.
  • We encourage the use of print to PDF or print to email for manufacturing reports.
  • We donate used toner and ink cartridges to schools or charities, which enables their reuse and avoids disposal in landfills.

Our Facility Strives to be Ecologically Friendly and Energy Efficient

  • Our facility maintains a pond and wetlands to accumulate 100% of our storm water runoff.
  • Low-maintenance, drought tolerant plants have been incorporated into the landscaping. Invasive plant species have been controlled in an ecologically sensitive manner.
  • Programmable thermostats reduce energy usage during nonworking hours.
  • Lights are turned off throughout the plant as employees vacate work areas.
  • We are replacing existing lighting with energy efficient, low mercury bulbs. In the past year we have upgraded the office lighting and 75% of the factory lighting. Low wattage ballasts will generate 39.3% energy savings compared with our previous lighting system.
  • Low volume toilets are installed in all restrooms.
  • Low energy LED lights are installed in EXIT signs throughout the plant.
  • Our paper products contain post consumer and recycled paper, and are USGBC certified.
  • New air conditioning systems have a 13 SEER rating or higher.
  • Our material handling fleet runs on rechargeable batteries, which are recycled at the end of their service life.

Our operations promote conservation, efficiency, environmental responsibility

  • We recycle corrugated material, wire, and ferrous metals using certified disposal organizations.
  • We reprocess our biodegradable hydraulic fluid from our plastics molding machines.
  • Beverage containers are recycled at containers located throughout the facility.
  • We recycle or harvest reusable parts from obsolete PCs, laptops, servers, switches, telephone systems, keyboards, mice, printers, and plotters using a local recycling company. The company is a member of IAER and is ISO14001 certified.
  • We work with local vendors to recycle pallets and spools. The pallets and spools are reused, rebuilt or shredded for mulch. They are not chemically treated and are biodegradable.
  • We purchase cable on large master spools to avoid using intermediate spools at our suppliers and disposing of excess spools following our processes.
  • We cycle reusable shipping containers between Compulink and our customers. We bulk package product at our assembly line and truck the product to our customers in totes. No plastic bags, tape, or corrugated products are consumed in the process. Empty containers are returned at the following delivery.
  • We regrind our mold runners to avoid landfill disposal. We recycle nearly 2,000 pounds of mold compound annually.
  • We have installed a dozen paper shredding bins throughout the company that are emptied and shredded bi-monthly. We recycle 21,120 pounds of paper annually, which saves:
    • 179 trees
    • 3,990 gallons of oil
    • 73,500 gallons of water


  • We have reduced our use of lead based solder to a point below the EPA reporting threshold value.
  • All new contracts are examined and excluded on the basis of their use of hazardous chemicals. Chemical gatekeepers are current in training in RoHS and REACH mandates.

Paperless Systems

  • Engineering changes, maintenance requests, customer problem resolutions, and IT assistance requests are all paperless procedures.
  • Our engineering and documentation team processes master file records without paper. These records include:
    • Customer specification information
    • Technical correspondence
    • Bill of material records
    • Labor estimates
    • Process instructions
  • We are evaluating the use of digital process instruction files and flat screen monitors to view assembly procedures on the production floor. This will eliminate significant paper generation and storage.
  • We have published policies that mandate reduced printing of email.


  • Compulink bulk packs items whenever possible. By consolidating shipments, Compulink minimizes the frequency of separate shipments and reduces the amount of packaging material used.

Through the implementation of the projects above, we hope to realize a 10% reduction in energy use in the next two years. Our water use will also decrease by 10% in the same time frame. We also anticipate a significant reduction in the volume of waste transported to the landfill.

Compulink will investigate new energy efficient technologies as they emerge. We will continue to implement green initiatives to reduce our company's carbon footprint to provide a more sustainable future.

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