An Extension of Your Team Focused on Adding Value, Improving Manufacturability, and Reducing Cost

Compulink maintains a full service solution-oriented engineering department to assist our customers with value added input throughout all phases of the product life cycle, from initial concept and development through prototyping, first article and standardized lean manufacturing.

Design Engineering

With many years experience in the cable design and manufacturing industry, Compulink engineering is able to offer considerable expertise in design and manufacturing solutions tailored to the needs of our customer's most demanding applications.

Our team of highly skilled engineers will review and assess customer drawings, bill of materials/parts list, schematics, contractual flow-downs, workmanship guidelines, performance criteria and next-higher-assembly applications. Once assessed, Compulink engineers will support any and all requests by the customer, including on-site visits, design reviews and conceptual discussions.

Engineering Lab

On site capability to print 3D soft models to solid ABS On site capability to print 3D soft models to solid ABS

Rapid Prototyping and Quick Turn Service

Compulink's engineering lab is able to produce simple or complex prototypes from any type of instruction; verbal, written, or sample in order to provide our customer's with a quick turn of critical prototypes, test cables, demonstration units or small lot production.

First Article Production

The engineering lab is responsible for producing all first article units. During the process, engineers will review all customer supplied documentation and make value-added suggestions for cost and lead time reductions as well as process improvements to improve quality and manufacturability.

Manufacturing Procedures

During the first article build, the engineering lab will develop the manufacturing procedures and production aids to insure customer products are built in accordance with the highest principles of quality and lean manufacturing and in full compliance with the IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard.

Qualification Testing

Working with our partner labs, Compulink can offer and support the full suite of environmental and mechanical MIL-STD-810G qualification tests.


Configuration Control

Web-based paperless configuration control and engineering change system to insure repeatable and traceable product produced to the latest customer revisions and specifications, every time.

3D Cad Design

Compulink's cables, tooling and molds are designed using the latest 3D CAD and modeling software to create error free designs that can be digitally translated directly to advanced manufacturing and machining equipment.

3D Modeling/Printing

Compulink has in-house capability to "print” its 3D soft models into solid ABS models using an extrusion based technology. These models are used for validating designs and checking functionality early in the design process, thereby reducing time-to-market and cost.

Industrial and Test Engineering

prototype - custom molded cable assembliesRapid prototyping with 3D modeling/3D print capability

Production Line Design for Lean Manufacturing

During our first article and manufacturing design process, Compulink's industrial engineers will review forecasted manufacturing requirements and then design and implement lean production methods to insure a smooth transition to full manufacturing.

Specialized Equipment Design and Procurement

Compulink industrial engineers have deep and long standing relationships with the industry's leading manufacturers of the most advanced wire and cable processing equipment which permit us to design and obtain the optimum equipment to produce advanced cable designs at minimal cost.

Manufacturing Fixtures and Tooling Design

Our industrial engineers specialize in customized tooling and fixture designs to insure efficient and ergonomic high-quality/low-cost production methods.

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