Cable Assemblies and Harnesses are 100% Electrically Tested For Continuity, Opens and Shorts

Custom test fixture for military harness application Custom test fixture for military harness application

Compulink visually inspects and 100% electrically tests all cable assemblies with automated equipment prior to shipment. We have the hands on knowledge and expertise to design test fixtures, cables and adapters in house to verify specific customer requirements. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop unique automated test solutions for many complex military cable assemblies, ground vehicle, military communications and chassis harnesses.

Compulink is a Certified UL and CSA Facility

All of our electrical testing is computerized and we maintain accurate and traceable documentation down to operator level. All test inspectors are trained and certified to IPC/WHMA workmanship standards for cable and harness assembly. We are a certified UL and CSA facility

Electrical Testing

  • 100% electrically tested for continuity, opens and shorts.
    • Hi-Pot Testing
    • Cirris Signature® Level Testers
    • Custom Mating Fixtures and Test Procedures

Automated Copper Test Equipment

  • 32 Cirris Signature® Level Testers
  • 8 Hi Pot Testers to 1500 VDC
  • Vector Network Analyzer to 40GHz
  • 5 Fluke Networks® DTX CableAnalyzer™ Series Testers
  • 8 Fluke Networks® DSP CableAnalyzer™ Series Testers
  • 9 Mantis Scopes with Networked Digital Photography

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