The Compulink crimp quality assurance lab provides for a comprehensive review of crimp quality to include tool selection, pull testing, and visual analysis of cross sectional crimp views to internationally accepted norms and standards.

The crimp quality assurance lab verifies the initial tool selection and set up, and continuously monitors the crimp process throughout the production run. This ensures crimp quality from first article to volume production.

Visual Analysis – Ensuring The Quality Of Our Crimp Technology

Visual analysis of crimps, welds and splices to internationally recognized standards with Schleuniger® MicroGraph System (MGS) Visual analysis of crimps, welds and splices with micrograph system

Compulink verifies the quality of crimp technology (crimps, welds and splices) used throughout the manufacturing process with a Schleuniger® MicroGraph System (MGS). The Micrograph system provides for the cutting, polishing, staining and real time visual analysis of crimp samples through the development of ultraprecise cross sectional images.

Polished crimp samples are placed under the Schleuniger MacroZoom microscope and Integrated USB camera to provide high resolution cross sectional images of the crimp and its associated wire strands. This allows for visual measurement and analysis to industry norms and standards. These cross sectional images can be cataloged and saved on a PC for future reference and historical record keeping. Samples are created and visually analyzed throughout the entire manufacturing cycle to include first article, prototype and on-going volume production.

Measurement and Analysis Of Crimp Technology to International Standards

Schleuniger CrimpLab® software allows for measurement and analysis of crimp connections according to International norms such as automotive industry standards. It also provides for user-friendly administration and historical record keeping of measurement and analysis data extracted through the creation of the cross sectional images.

Pull Testing to approved Industry Standards

Pull testing to industry standards validates crimp performance Pull testing to industry standards validates crimp performance

Compulink utilizes a Schleuniger PullTester 26 to perform pull force tests to approved industry and military standards. The Schleuniger PullTester 26 interfaces with WinCrimp SPC software which allows us to consolidate and evaluate data by job, or customer.

WinCrimp® PC Software Collects Pull Test and Crimp Force Data

WinCrimp software facilitates the collection of pull test and crimp force data and provides for consolidation and historical record keeping of a customer's quality assurance data. The statistical data can include average, min./ max. values, the number of good crimps versus bad, the standard deviation and the CPK or CMK if needed. Historical record keeping can include customer’s name, job number, test device, serial number, wire size, applicator number and associated test information. Information is easily accessed and can be printed out for archives or by customer request.

Crimp Height Verification by Micrometer

Crimp height micrometer verifies tool setup procedure Crimp height micrometer verifies tool setup procedure

Compulink utilizes micrometers specifically designed to measure the height of a crimped connection to verify a tools set up procedure. Crimp height measurements are used to validate tool set up throughout the production cycle to include first article, prototype and on-going volume production. Crimp height measurements can be cataloged for historical record keeping.

All crimp height micrometers are regularly calibrated to maintain accuracy (traceable to NIST) and calibration data is kept on file for future reference.

Instron ®3345 Tensile, Compression and Flexure TesterInstron®3345 Tensile, Compression and Flexure Tester

Instron®3345 Tensile, Compression and Flexure Tester

The Instron®3345 series tensile, compression and flexure tester is used in our quality control lab to pull or compress loads from 2 to 1125 pounds. This system provides for accurate bend, tensile and flexure testing to simulate the service life of our production cable assemblies. .

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