Automation to Improve Quality and Reduce Cost

Compulink has deep and long standing relationships with the industry's leading providers of wire and cable processing machines, automated crimp tooling, insert molding, and ultrasonic welding. We specify, obtain and optimize tooling from leading companies like Schleuniger®, Komax, Tyco, and Molex®. We have the capability to automate wire marking, labeling and packaging.

Automated tooling reduces cost and improves quality, efficiency and yield. It optimizes product manufacturability, capacity and repeatability of process. We have the capability to automatically check and balance crimp quality through the use of microprocessor based crimp force monitoring.

Many Industry Standard Crimp Applicators Are In Stock

Compulink has manufactured cable and harness assemblies since 1984. We have automated equipment, semi automated equipment and crimp applicators in stock for many of the standard terminals, contacts and splices on the market today from leading manufacturers plus many unique applications. Our extensive tooling library may be of assistance in bringing your new product design to market quickly as we may be currently tooled for your application.

Automation reduces cost and improves quality and yield UV Laser Wire Marker

UV Laser-Wire Marking for Thin Wall Aerospace Wires

Compulink has the ability to UV laser mark, measure and cut thin wall single core and multicore cables from 26 AWG to 6 AWG for the aerospace market. Our Capris model 50-100 provides ultraviolet wire marking without insulation damage that is resistant to abrasion, hydraulic fluid and fuel. The highly legible print can be applied both horizontally and vertically in three sizes and it is fully compliant to SAE ARP 5607 “Legibility of Print on Aerospace Wires and Cables”.


“Mercury-4 Laser Wire Stripping Machine”Mercury-4 Laser Wire Stripping Machine

Laser-Wire Stripping With Schleuniger Mercury-4

Our Schleuniger Mercury-4 laser wire stripping machine provides for high quality, nick-free stripping of small gauge conductors, shielded cables, twisted pairs and coaxial cables from 50 AWG to 6 AWG. The Mercury-4 provides for touch-free stripping of all polymer materials to include PTFE / Teflon, Tefzel, PVC, Polyurethane, Silicon, Kapton, Polyimide, Nylon, and Polyester. Strip types such as circumferential, linear slit, ablation, and pattern strips can be accomplished through touchscreen programming of relevant parameters such as strip length, speed, and laser power. These parameters are automatically stored in the library for future production and process requirements. All process steps can be monitored through a fixed camera system.

Copper · Coax · Mold Tooling

Automation reduces cost and improves quality and yield Automation reduces cost and improves quality and yield

Lead Forming Machines

  • Amp CLS Machine
  • 2 Komax Gamma Machines

Wire Processing

  • 2 Schleuniger PowerStrip 9500 with In-Line Labeling
  • 2 Schleuniger Power Strip 9500RS
  • 2 Komax Kappa Cut/Strip Machines
  • 2 Schleuniger 5400 Coax Machines
  • 10 Cosmic 927R Rotary Micro Strippers
  • 1 Reel-O-Matic Dereeler
  • 1 Schleuniger 9450 with In-Line Labeling
  • 1 Schleuniger Mercury-4 Laser Wire Stripper
  • 1 Schleuniger MultiStrip 9480RS

Crimp Tooling

  • 6 Amp G Presses
  • 6 Amp K Presses
  • 4 Amp Stripper/Crimpers
  • 1 Tyco 5K Press
  • 1 Air Hydraulics Press
  • 1 Panduit CP860 Press
  • 1 C. Davis Automatic Military Contact Crimper


Custom strain relief mold Custom strain relief mold
  • 4 High Pressure Molding Machines to 35 tons, 3.75 oz. Shot
  • 2 Low Pressure Mold Machines


  • Ink Jet Wire Printer
  • 4 Hellermann Tyton TyWrap Autotools
  • Harness Taper
  • Ultrasonic Welder
  • Wire Twisters
  • Schleuniger Jacket Strip 8310 Large Diameter Cable Jacket Stripper
  • UV Laser Wire Marker

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